Differences between Static website and Dynamic Website


From our years of experience, there are mainly two types of websites in general, dynamic and static.

Dyamic websites

dynamic websites functionality

Websites from which end user or customer/client, is allowed to make changes from authorized login system, is called dynamic websites. these kind of websites are costly or expensive to make as it puts a lot of pressure on programmers or coders to make it

As the picture above describes easily, that in dynamic websites, client is provided with a authentication system or login with dashboard as we do for our clients, the dashboard is connected with the database to which end user is not made aware of. So, the client is provided with a dashboard with input fields in which is allowed to make write or over write the contents of database from which front end is made to read the contents of that dashboard, In these kind of websites database and logs of data entered are stored in webserver itself . When any viewer or user enters a provided url then,that url sends the user interface that a coder has designed for him/her to see.

front end like this

Static Websites

Static websites are those kinds of websites, on which end user/client is not allowed to change neither provided with a login system or dashboard to make changes to the system

functionality of static website

As the picture explains well, User has just have to type the url of the visting website and tada contents of the websites are right there on the laptop or mobile from where ever device you are visiting through, you just should havbe the internet connection.

If you have to make changes to the website, then you should contact your website developer for that. Non programmers are not allowed to make changes to static website. Cause you can mess up everything, that programmer has attached through website to make the ui/ux look awesome.